Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Saving fuel = Saving money = Saving the environment!

We all want to do our bit for the environment - and we all want to save money at the pump.

Well here's the good news - we've compiled our five top tips to help you both reduce your fuel consumption costs and diminish the impact your car has on the environment!

1. It may sound obvious, but keep your load light! Don't keep a heavy load in your car if it doesn't need to be in there. Tools, power equipment, sports gear and general luggage will all increase the weight of your car - and thereby increase your fuel consumption! Also, consider removing roof-racks and bullbars if they're not needed - tyou'll notice the difference!

2. Keep an eye on your tyre pressure. By keeping the pressure near the upper limits of the manufacturer's recommend range, you'll reduce rolling resistance and improve your fuel consumption (and keep your tyres in better condition for longer!).

3. Regular servicing will save you money! Not only at the fuel pump, but on the general maintenance of your car. Things can go wrong in between your scheduled services, and even simple things like replacing a dirty air-filter can decrease your fuel consumption by nearly 5 per cent .

4. If your car has a manual transmission, get a feel for making smoother down-changes. Rev the engine lightly, with the clutch disengaged, just before the lower gear is engaged - the result of smoother down-changes is that you'll drive more smoothly, which will in turn reduce fuel consumption and wear on your clutch and gearbox.

5. Flow with the traffic and avoid "hard" braking and accelerating. Anticipate traffic movements and give yourself plenty of warning about approaching traffic lights and lane congestion. Comparative tests have shown that an aggressive driving style can increase fuel consumption by up to 35% when compared to a smooth driving style.

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