Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Tips for Instructing a Learner Driver

Do you have what it Takes?

It can be almost as nerve-wracking teaching someone to drive as it is learning to drive yourself.  To help both you and your learner driver we have listed what the legal requirements are, as well as some tips for making the experience as smooth as possible.

The essentials you need as a supervisor:

·                  A current full Australian driver licence 
·                  A good understanding of the road rules
·                  Be a competent driver
·                  Can effectively communicate information and ideas clearly
·                  Have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of under 0.05
·                  Learner Driver Log Book – use this to record the student’s progress

Prepare yourself before you begin instruction
-       Read the latest edition of the Road Users Handbook and remind yourself of the rules of the road. Remember, things may have changed a lot since you learned to drive!
-       Review how you are driving you are after all a role model for your student. Make sure you are driving safely, obeying all the rules of the road, checking blind spots, and behaving respectfully towards other drivers.
Tips for when you are supervising:
-       If either your student or yourself are tired or stressed reschedule your lesson.
-       Begin with very short and frequent sessions on quiet streets.
-       Start teaching the easiest tasks first and only move onto harder ones once your student has mastered them.
-       Get into the driver’s seat and show your student how to do something before asking them to do it.
-       Both you and your student should discuss what’s happening on the road and what they should during the lesson.
-       Stay calm and positive – don’t criticise mistakes but explain what went wrong and ask them to try again.
-       Always give praise, even when your student is trying hard but may not necessarily have mastered a particular task.