Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Prolong the life of your Automatic Transmission

We all know that Automatic Transmission Fluid degrades and deteriorates over time - up to 90% of transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.

City driving, with it's short trips and frequent gear changes, is particularly hard on ageing Transmission fluid, as is high temperature operation (such as towing a trailer or caravan). Old, tired transmission fluid leads to poor gearshifts, poor performance and poor fuel economy - none of which is good for your car or your wallet.

In order to prolong the life of your transmission and dramatically improve the performance and quality of your gear changes, transmission fluid should always be flushed and changed during major services. However, traditional transmission drain and fill services only replace around 40% of the old fluid, which means that 60% of the fluid is still old and dirty. This can result in loosened sludge and varnish deposits - which causes even more shift problems and can increase the danger of transmission failure.

To avoid transmission problems, we recommend getting a Wynn’s Transmission Flush Service.

The Wynn’s Transmission Flush Service uses advanced equipment to thoroughly clean your automatic transmission internally. It also replaces over 95% of the old fluid with fresh, new fluid and removes sludge and varnish deposits. The result is smoother shifting and revitalised seals (which will prevent fluid leaks). Wynn's Transmission Flush Service will also extend the life of your Transmission and possibly prevent the need for costly Transmission repairs!

Save yourself time and money by taking care of your automatic transmission - you’ll feel the difference!

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