Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mid-Winter Car Safety

Although this winter we have enjoyed above average temperatures in Tasmania, there have been a number of wild, wet and windy days with a few extreme cold temps thrown in. Weather has certain effects on our vehicles, so to keep your car on track for the rest of winter and heading into spring, be sure to complete these simple safety checks.

·       Tyres - Wet roads due to rain or snow can be slippery. If car tyres are worn their ability to grip the road in such conditions is limited. Check the tread on your car’s tyres to ensure it has enough depth in the rubber. Besides being a requirement for registration, this is a major safety concern. Replace worn tyres, and make sure you check the air pressure and adjust according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget about the spare!

·       Lights - Fully functioning lights on your vehicle is of high importance in the darker days and rainy nights we can experience in winter. Test all of your car’s lights on a regular basis and replace globes as necessary.

·       Windscreen and wipers - If you’ve noticed they are leaving lines on your windscreen when in use, now is the time to insert new blades. While you are at it, check the wiper fluid and refill. The inside of your windscreen can also become hazy and covered in a dirty film, so clean this too to achieve maximum visibility for safe winter driving.

·       Battery - Extreme cold temperatures put extra strain on your car battery as it has to work harder to get started and continue running. If you notice your engine is having difficulty starting in the morning, check the age of your battery and replace if necessary. You can also have your battery checked at a service centre.

Regular servicing can help keep your car safe and running smoothly. If you haven’t had a full
service done for a while, book one in today and keep you and your family safe on the roads for
the rest of winter.