Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Our favourite apps for motoring!

We all love apps on our phones. Whether it’s just to play a mindless game or keep track of appointments, apps have transformed the way in which we organise, play and create. Check out our favourites for your vehicle here:

Fuel Buddy

Track fuel, mileage, services and expenses for multiple vehicles and drivers on this one app. Perfect for the sales team on the road this app captures lots of information for you to monitor. We hear that an automatic driving detection component will soon be implemented by the developers which will be great. No more logging trips each time you get in the car! Available on Android and iPhone.

AAMI Safe Driver and ING Direct Safe Driving Apps
Both Free


These apps were developed to give drivers key metric information on their driving. A risk score is calculated depending on harsh acceleration, deceleration or exceeded speed limits.

AAMI Safe Driver App is available free to everyone, regardless of whether you are a customer or not. Their point system rewards safer drivers with bonuses on insurance once certain points are reached.

ING Direct requires the ING On-board diagnostic (OBD) device to be installed in order to use the app. Both apps available on Android and iPhone.


Free/In App Purchases
Ok, this one is fun! This will make your old Toyota sound like a Chevy, playing the sounds of prestige cars like Chevrolet Camaro, Ford GT40 or Ferrari 458 Italia through your car’s speakers. Fantasise that you’re driving the car of your dreams as it plays engine sounds of acceleration, braking and revving in accordance with your driving. Kinda daggy, but kinda cool too ;)  Can be used via Bluetooth or plugged in via an aux plug. Android, iPhone and iPad.

Appy Driving! (ha! See what we did there?)