Friday, 10 August 2012

Free driving lessons for L-Platers

Tasmanian learner drivers are being encouraged to take part in the federally funded keys2drive program, a national driver safety campaign aimed at reducing the number of car accidents involving young drivers.

Road safety is such an important issue here in Tassie. If you're a parent of a learner driver you should really get involved with the program and get your kids off to the right start.

The program offers learner drivers a free lesson with a specially accredited instructor.

Soon there will be over 60 driving instructors in Tasmania who  have completed an accreditation course for the program. The program was trialled in Tasmania before being rolled out nationally in late 2008.

"Research has shown that learner drivers are some of the safest drivers on the road while they've got their L plates up," RACT accredited driver trainer Trevor Lewis said. "But the moment they've got their Ps, their risk of serious injury and death jumps dramatically. We're trying to teach them to think about being P-plate drivers while they're on their L plates."

At around $55 an hour, driving lessons are not cheap and so the free lessons have proven very popular. More than 107,000 learner drivers around Australia taking part in the program so far.

Keys2drive is the largest national learner-driver safety program ever undertaken in Australia and it's great to see that young drivers are taking part and improving their driving skills right at the outset.

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