Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Is your diesel engine losing power?

Is your diesel engine losing power and getting more difficult to start? Have you noticed that it isn't idling as consistently as it should? Are you using more diesel than you once did to cover the same distance? Are you getting an EGR system failure warning?

The problem might be carbon build up in the engine air intake system.

Carbon build up is one of the most common complaints in modern diesel vehicles. It can be blamed on the inconsistent quality of diesel fuel in Australia, but it's compounded by the way most of us drive these days: short journeys with constant stopping and starting.

It's a fact that regular short journey driving causes inefficient engine combustion, and this produces excess unburnt carbon particles that are returned to the air intake manifold via the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. The particles build-up in the intake manifold and on the EGR valve, severely restricting the air flow and causing incorrect air fuel ratios.

But there's no need to watch your dollars disappear at the the diesel pump - there is a solution!

Wynn's have developed an aerosol application, Exhaust Gas Recirculation 4, to remove unburnt carbon from metal surfaces and provide an instant & noticeable performance improvement in diesel engines. EGR4 cleans the intake air manifold, inlet valves and EGR valve, and is recommended to be used at each service interval. It cleans the "dry part" of the diesel fuel system without dismantling, but it can also be used to thoroughly clean dismantled parts such as the EGR valve and turbo-charger. It's compatible with plastic/rubber seals and electronic components and is sensor & diesel particulate filter safe.

Next time you're getting your diesel vehicle serviced, ask us how we can improve your engine performance and save you money at the diesel pump!

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