Monday, 20 August 2012

Do Australian Governments prefer imported vehicles?

Last week it was reported that Australian federal, state and local governments are choosing imported automobiles for their fleets rather than Australian-made Holden, Ford or Toyota cars.

According to reports, only around 16% of local council vehicles were manufactured domestically. It was also mentioned that only one in five cars in the Tasmanian government's fleet is Australian-made.

In the Herald Sun today, Paul Bastian of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union wrote that it was wrong to blame the high Australian dollar for the recent troubles in the Australian car manufacturing industry.

He said the industry could be helped enormously if the government simply bought Australian made cars.

“If governments show leadership and buy Australian-made vehicles for their fleets, they can encourage private fleets to purchase Australian,” Bastian said.

“If all levels of government and private fleets purchased Australian-made cars, sales would increase by around 450,000 per year.”

Maybe the answer to saving the Australian car manufacturing industry is to simply encourage governments to buy their fleets from local Holden, Ford or Toyota.

Let's hope that the report is a bit of a wake up call to both local and federal governments and that they begin to show some pride in our great Aussie cars!

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