Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ford announces more factory job cuts

It's very disappointing to hear that Ford Australia is expected to announce massive job losses at their Geelong and Broadmeadows plants today.

The venerated car maker is in talks with employees and union officials today, but initial reports claim that the company will cut almost a quarter of their factory floor staff between now and November.

The sackings come after 240 jobs were already cut at the plant last year.

Ford received a $100 million lifeline in January - from the parent company in the US and the Federal and State Governments - aimed at securing the future of the Australian operations until at least 2016.

The announcement follows FORD's reported $290 million loss in May. The loss has been blamed on weak sales of its flagship Falcon model, along with problems within the supply parts industry which slowed Ford’s production lines.

The sackings will bring the total number of Ford factory employees at the two plants to 1360.

Commentators are expressing grave fears that Ford will no longer be viable in Australia beyond 2016, and the grim reality is that demise of Ford in this country would put the entire car industry at risk.

Unions say the industry needs three major car manufacturers to be viable, and both Ford and its main competitor Holden are struggling with falling sales.

Let's hope that things pick up for the Australian car manufacturing industry and that we don't see too many announcements like this in the future.

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