Friday, 8 March 2013

Respect your car: use quality parts and products

How can you be sure that your service repairer is using quality parts when they service and repair your car? 

When it comes to your car's maintenance it’s very important, for both the longevity and value of your car, to  use only quality brands and genuine parts - not cheap, generic products.

Take engine oils, for example. There are a lot of companies selling engine oil, but to make sure your engine is getting the protection it deserves you're always better off sticking with the well known brands like Castrol or Valvoline. At Cooper Automotive we prefer Valvoline engine oil, and most of the time we use a specification that is better than the manufacturer recommends to make sure your car is getting the best protection possible.

Another important example is your repairer's choice of brake pads. There are a whole heap of cheaper brake pads out there that some mechanics will put on your car - but we refuse to use them. The safety of you and your family is our first concern, so we only use Bendix brake pads which are the best quality brake pads on the market. 

Most people won't know too much about which brands are good or bad for their car. The best thing you can do to guarantee the quality of the parts in your car  is to choose a service provider that you can trust and who guarantees their workmanship. If they are guaranteeing their workmanship you can bet they are using quality products.

It goes without saying that at Cooper Automotive we only use the best quality parts and spares - becuse we care about your car!

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